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Ziggurant 7:30 PM
Aug 2 @ 7:30 PM
Ziggurat is a trio that consists of a pianist, drummer and bassist formed in February 2017. We don’t like to play only one style of music. We prefer to explore the vast cosmos of music. Our music can be considered to … Continue reading
Frank Donahue Band 7:00 PM
Frank Donahue Band
Aug 3 @ 7:00 PM
Frank Donahue Band  
Austin Prairie Dogs 7:30 PM
Austin Prairie Dogs
Aug 4 @ 7:30 PM
Austin Prairie Dogs
The Prairie Dogs are a uniquely Austin band, featuring a distinctive mix of lively material with a focus on exploring Austin’s rich musical history.
Tori Majorie 7:30 PM
Tori Majorie
Aug 5 @ 7:30 PM
Tori Majorie
Tori Marjorie is a one woman band, using a loop station as well as multiple instruments such as guitar and trumpet to recreate popular radio hits in her own style in addition to performing some originals. She has played multiple … Continue reading
Kid Show:Big Don 10:00 AM
Kid Show:Big Don
Aug 6 @ 10:00 AM
Kid Show:Big Don
Don Robinson is an award winning accomplished Hip Hop musician based in Austin, Texas. Big Don’s goal is to entertain kids all over the world through the fun and energy of Hip Hop. Big Don introduces a hip and new … Continue reading
Logos the Spirit 7:30 PM
Logos the Spirit
Aug 9 @ 7:30 PM
Logos the Spirit  
Caleb Miller Solo Project 7:30 PM
Caleb Miller Solo Project
Aug 10 @ 7:30 PM
Caleb Miller Solo Project
As a multi-instrumentalist, songwriter, and performer I strive to create art that is authentic yet sophisticated while remaining within the realm of commercial music.  Although my style is primarily a mix of indie rock, folk, and pop [with major influences ranging … Continue reading
Ginger Rigged 6:00 PM
Ginger Rigged
Aug 11 @ 6:00 PM
Ginger Rigged
An eclectic mix of original Americana, Pop, and Folk Rock Chris Landes – keys, vocals Rachel Allred – bass, vocals Colby Dickens – guitar, vocals Ren Lewis – drums Sam Melant – vocals, guitar  
Rare Birds in Flight 7:00 PM
Rare Birds in Flight
Aug 12 @ 7:00 PM – 9:00 PM
Rare Birds in Flight
Rare Birds in Flight plays original folk-rock written by twin sister vocalists, Elizabeth and Laura Moliter. The band also Dag King and Patric D’Eimon on guitar, and Billy Sederholm on bass. The songs are poetic, yet with a drive and … Continue reading
Kid Show: Groundwork Music 10:00 AM
Kid Show: Groundwork Music
Aug 13 @ 10:00 AM
Kid Show: Groundwork Music @ Cherrywood Coffeehouse | Austin | Texas | United States
Join Groundwork’s Music- fun music for kids- 10 am every second Sunday of the month-
Lindsey Easterwood Comedy 7:30 PM
Lindsey Easterwood Comedy
Aug 16 @ 7:30 PM – 8:30 PM
Lindsey Easterwood Comedy
Young an tenacious, Lindsey Easterwood is a stand up comic stationed in Austin Tx. Armed with a goofy sensibility, observational styling and exceptional knot tying skill (of which she acquired in boy scout camp), she is ready to hog tie … Continue reading
Neal Mehta 7:00 PM
Neal Mehta
Aug 18 @ 7:00 PM
Neal Mehta
His current release, Beautiful Space, reflects Neal’s influences by Americana Rock (Ryan Adams, Pete Yorn) and Brit Pop (U2, Coldplay, Oasis, The Smiths). Neal recruited the talented Bill Walter (bass), Chris Smith (guitars), and Darwin Keys (drums) for the Beautiful … Continue reading
Bayley Stewart 6:00 PM
Bayley Stewart
Aug 19 @ 6:00 PM – 7:00 PM  
Wooly Vicars 7:30 PM
Wooly Vicars
Aug 19 @ 7:30 PM
Wooly Vicars
We are The Wooly Vicars – an acoustic power pop duo (non-religious…the name comes from a quote by John Lennon) that has recently hit Austin, hailing from the Kansas City heartland where we’ve been performing for the last couple of … Continue reading
The Que Pastas 10:00 AM
The Que Pastas
Aug 20 @ 10:00 AM
The Que Pastas
Paula Aubert 7:30 PM
Paula Aubert
Aug 24 @ 7:30 PM  
Phil Greer 5:00 PM
Phil Greer
Aug 25 @ 5:00 PM – 7:00 PM
Josh Terry 7:00 PM
Josh Terry
Aug 25 @ 7:00 PM
Josh Terry
Johnny Zachman 10:00 AM
Johnny Zachman
Aug 26 @ 10:00 AM – 12:00 PM
Johnny Zachman
On stage, Johnny builds layers of live electric guitar loops underneath his vocals, creating melodic soundscapes reminiscient of Andrew Bird and Julien Baker.
Allepakcok Music 7:00 PM
Allepakcok Music
Aug 26 @ 7:00 PM
Kid Show: Staci Gray Music 10:00 AM
Kid Show: Staci Gray Music
Aug 27 @ 10:00 AM
Kid Show: Staci Gray Music @ Cherrywood Coffeehouse | Austin | Texas | United States
Staci Gray  playing every 4th Sunday of each month for our kids brunch music time! Please plan to come on by and have fun , let the kids run in our big patio-
Arielle 7:00 PM
Aug 30 @ 7:00 PM
StereoRV 7:00 PM
Aug 31 @ 7:00 PM – 9:00 PM
Myra Gleason, Stereo RV’s lead singer, has one of the most powerfully expressive voices you’ve ever heard. Her fervent vocals, backed by the guitar and extraordinary beat boxing abilities of her husband, Gabe, make the vulnerable songs on Human, their debut … Continue reading