Jon Muq

February 22, 2020 @ 5:30 pm – 7:15 pm
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Jon’s music carries listeners on an artful journey through his remarkable life, which began in a small suburban slum in Kampala, Uganda. He first felt the gravitational pull of the creative life as a small boy. Sitting in his leaky-roofted two-room house in Mutungo with no running water or electricity, he began to dream up stories and songs as he listened to conversations between his parents and sisters late at night, staring at the simple beauty of the moonlight through cracks in the roof. When he started school, he found himself getting in trouble often for returning home late in the evening because he stayed behind to listen to the school band play. He fell in love with the co-mingling of trumpets, drums and trombones. When he was invited by the bandmaster to join, he almost immediately picked up trumpet by ear and quickly became one of the group’s best players without learning to read music.