March 8, 2019 @ 7:00 pm

The band formerly know as RIIL Chemistry is now the Gnarly!
Don’t let their ages fool you, these kids have serious chops, a passion to rock, and newest single Infinity ( as RIIL Chemistry on Soundcloud) to back it up.
RIIL formed in 2012, with the band writing and performing together for 6 years, until their drummer Isaac graduated and headed to college at UT Dallas. Enter new drummer Logan Greenberg , thus a new name and new songs. They have been rockin’ it everywhere from fundraisers, private parties and area festivals, to coffeehouses ( this begins year 5 of shows at the Cherrywood!) and bars, always turning heads when people realize it is a group of 17 and under teens making this joyful noise. Their sound veers from from punk to blues to straight ahead rock and roll with influences as diverse as Zeppelin and Hendrix to RHCP, The Strokes, MUSE and Beck ( they covers tunes by the latter 4 in their set!). The band will continue to perform some of RIIL Chemistry’s originals but are hard at work writing new material , with 3 new songs already in the mix.