Eli Elkus

December 21, 2018 @ 4:00 pm – 7:00 pm

Eli Elkus is a modern day troubadour, serving up a musical concoction of vaudeville, freak folk, and hobo jazz on various porches, street corners, coffee houses, fairs, festivals, backyards and music venues across the USA. He began sculpting his craft busking in the streets of Portsmouth, New Hampshire where his original style reminiscent of folk and Americana started to take shape – influenced by Klezmer and gypsy music, eastern and western traditional folk tunes and the 20th century folk revival. Elkus is quite the anomalous lyricist, telling romanticized tales of low-life characters and haunting horrors with a charm of tragic, hard learned, “once he knew it, it was too late” kind of lessons in his distinctive gravely, boisterous, tobacco stained voice. With a whimsical yet jubilant demeanor and downright absurd antics betwixt tunes touching on performance art, Eli will silence a room with a wistful ballad and then quickly rabble-rouse life into it once again; foot-stomping his way through tales eager to be told.